I am a very enthusiastic hard-worker graphic designer with 10+ years experience, but I never lose the eager of keep on learning. I'm always looking for new opportunities to grow as a professional, that's why although I am originally from Spain, I moved to the UK and I spent there 6 years. I've always liked the quality of British design and advertising, so I moved to England with the aim of finding motivation and new professional challenges that I definitely found. I worked for different companies with different needs and I even had the opportunity to study my MA in Graphic Branding and Identity at the LCC (London College of Communication).

Branding is my biggest passion, but I like to think about myself as a multidisciplinary designer.

I believe that having a deep understanding of every project that I endeavor by researching and exploring different ideas, is the way to find the right solution.

Intellectual engagement for every final piece of work is imperative. And that's the philosophy I follow in every project.
I'm not afraid of changes and I'm always opened to new challenges and experiences.
Now I am back in Madrid, my hometown, but I work as a freelance designer remotely, so I am more than happy to take part in any interesting projects in Spain, the UK or anywhere else!
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