I am a very enthusiastic hard-worker graphic designer with 14+ years experience, but I never lose the eager of keep on learning. I'm always looking for new opportunities to grow as a professional, that's why although I am originally from Spain, I moved to the UK and I spent there 6 years.
I've always liked the quality of British design and advertising, so I moved to England with the aim of finding motivation and new professional challenges that I definitely found. I worked for different companies with different needs and I even had the opportunity to study my MA in Graphic Branding and Identity at the LCC (London College of Communication).

Branding is my biggest passion, and that's why in recent years, I have been more involved in marketing and have been focusing my efforts on coordinating creative teams and agencies. Currently, I am also responsible for the content and social media strategy.
I understand creativity as a whole, where images and copies should not be treated independently and where the client must be at the center of the projects.

I believe that having a deep understanding of every project that I endeavor by researching and exploring different ideas, is the way to find the right solution.

Intellectual engagement for every final piece of work is imperative. And that's the philosophy I follow in every project.
I'm not afraid of changes and I'm always opened to new challenges and experiences.
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